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Witchcraft - Hegyek felettem CD

Witchcraft - Hegyek felettem  CD

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Third full-length album by Hungarian Black Metal band.
Acidic, tormenting Black Metal in vein of the early Scandinavian gods! This is a true cult classic right out of the gate. Starting abruptly and never ceasing to slow down, Witchcraft’s new album is one of those fast and heavy Black Metal albums full of blasphemous filth. Their sound is familiar with Old School Black Metal from the early 90′s. Very little bass, screechy Black Metal screams and killer Old School drumming! An instant classic! Black Metal fans, you must listen to this album!!
LP contains bonus track entitled "Az árnyékok földjén". It is a re-recorded Hungarian version of the song "On the Land of the Shadows" which has been released on the first demo and the first album of the band.